$8000 Dog Stair Lift The First Of It’s Kind


Obese dogs worldwide can breathe a sigh of relief today, as a UK insurance company has patented an automated stairlift just for them.

According to John Ellenger, Head of Pet Insurance, this product “is a vision of the future we really don’t want to see become a reality.” He patented this in response to the growing dog obesity epidemic in the UK.  His firm has predicted that by 2022 52% of UK doggies will be deemed dangerously over weight.

It shouldn’t be a revelation if your dog is looking a little on the roly poly side, especially since people treat their dogs like leftover disposals, feeding them scraps from the dinner table.

John Ellenger suggested that dog owners “show their canine friends some love without giving them inappropriate and fat-laden foods.”

However if you can’t resist over feeding your pets or they have an existing medical condition that makes it difficult for them to climb stairs you can purchase one of these for a mere $8000.

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